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I'm Aude Li Sing, a maker, art director, illustrator, and visual designer living in Portland, OR.

When I'm not pushing pixels to do as I will, I can be found giving my dog terrible haircuts (on accident), burying the cat under all the blankets (on purpose), chasing my hens for snuggles, or coming up with unsellable lapel pins concepts (although I really think the world needs Adverb Avenger flair.) 



There's an article about my illustration work on BOING BOING 

I can also be found at the following fine internet establishments:

Lastly, some parting gifts: my résumé or CV (or both?!) and a dancing bear (just for you, okay?)

If you'd like to work together, or just shoot the shit, you can email me HERE or use the contact form below.

Thanks! Message sent. I will be in touch as soon as possible.

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